The Clinic at Elysium 

At Elysium, we believe in bringing you excellence in cosmetic treatments. Our Clinic houses a range of aesthetic enhancements performed by our expert practioners, who we have worked closely with to ensure that you receive only the very best treatments from.

Semi Permanent Make Up and Microblading with Teresa Frake


We now offer SPMU and Microblading, with treatments including Brows, Lip liner, Lip blush, Eyeliner, Areola reconstruction.

To book, call us on 01763 449005 or go to Teresa`s Facebook page here




Aesthetics Clinic with Dr Holly Hearne, BDS.

We now run a monthly clinic for cosmetic treatments, including Dermal fillers, Profhilo facials and Anti wrinkle injections (Botox)

Dr Holly Hearn originally qualified as a dental surgeon from Newcastle University in 2010 and from there she discovered her true passion for aesthetics and creating facial harmony. She has extensive experience in aesthetic medicine as well as head and neck surgery, including for facial deformity, which has equipped her with expert knowledge on facial anatomy and physiology. Dr Hearne regularly attends expert training, courses and conferences. She runs several successful non-surgical cosmetic clinics in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and prides herself on her aesthetic eye for detail and artistic talent for beautification and rejuvenation . Dr Hearne is an expert trainer for a Harley Street training academy

Results are paramount to Dr Hearne and her philosophy is ‘less is more’; she believes in subtle and natural tweaks to enhance her patients’ unique individual beauty and keep them looking fresh and rejuvenated. By going above and beyond and delivering outstanding service along with gorgeous results, Dr Hearne has developed long-term relationships with her patients and has a loyal following. 



Botox - 1 area £199, 2 areas £249, 3 areas £299

                     Brow Lift £249

                      Nose Lines, Gummy Smile, £149 

                      Excess Sweating (hyperhidrosis) £399

                      Lower face and neck lift £299


Lip Filler 0.5ml £249    1ml £299

Cheek Filler  1ml £349      2ml £499

Nose to mouth , Marionette line filler     1ml £299    2ml £499

Profhilo £245 (2 treatments required 1 month apart)

                     Hyaluronic acid is delivered under the skin to increase collagen and elastin                           production giving a fresher, smoother plumped look

To book, call us on 01763 449005. You can visit Holly's Facebook page by clicking on the logo  image below.

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