Hair Removal

Shaving causes small grazes in the skin, razor bumps, rashes, and worse ingrown hairs. Get rid of that razor!

Warm Wax:

Lip or Chin - £8

Lip and chin £13

Brow Wax - £10

Half Leg - £15

Full Leg - £24

Full Leg and Bikini/Underarm - £32.50

Back Wax £20

Bikini/Underarm - £12 (can be hot wax)

Hot Wax:

Thong £17

Brazilian - £30

Hollywood - £35

Hot wax is essential for an intimate wax. The wax shrink wraps the hair but without pulling the skin, we don`t get you to go on all fours! You lay back with legs like a frog. then we get you to hold your knees to your chest and lastly turn you on your side in the foetal position.

We always wear gloves and we use disposable clean bed paper. You will also have an intimate wipe ready to freshen up before the treatment. Tools are correctly sanitised and sterilised.

Here are some questions we get asked:-

Can I get waxed on my period?

A. Of course you can! Just wear a clean tampon and tuck the string up inside you out of the way.

Q. Can I get waxed when pregnant?

A. avoid the first trimester but after that of course you can.

Q. how long does the hair need to be?

A. About a cm but from shaving allow 2-3 weeks for a decent growth.

Q. Will there be any stubble in-between?

A. If you are new to waxing yes. This is unavoidable, we can get all the surface hairs but cannot control the hairs that are growing under the skin (new growth) . However after a couple of months all the hair shoud come through together

Q. Will it hurt?

A. This depends on how you are feeling and your pain threshold, Pre-menstrual, hungover and stressed states can affect sensitivity. 

Q. What should I avoid before coming?

A. Sunbeds aren’t a good idea 48hrs before. Also please don’t trim too short.. A great tip though is to exfoliate the front (Pubic Mount) a couple of days before to help release any short or ingrown hairs. 

Q. What about after? Can I go to the gym?

A. Not for 24-48 hrs depending on your skin sensitivity. Also any heat treatments, swimming, self tan, and friction are to be avoided. 



Eyebrows - £10
Lip and chin - £10


Permanent hair removal using short wave diathermy or blend techniques for unwanted hair growth. Can be carried out on all areas of face and body apart from nasal passage and nipple area. A consultation before treatment commences to discuss procedures, frequency of visits and techniques best for individual is carried out for all new clients.

Consultation - £10 (includes some practical work)
5 Minutes - £12.50
10 Minutes - £15
15 Minutes - £17.50
20 Minutes – £20
30 Minutes - £30


Advanced Epilation

Skin tags

5 Minutes - £20
10 Minutes - £30

Thread veins 

10 Minutes - £30
15 Minutes - £40


5 Minutes - £20

10 Minutes -  £30


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